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About Us

Our Philosophy

We strive to provide our clients with a hands-on approach by working with each individual client to identify and solve their legal issues, while at the same time providing exceptional value to the client in terms of work product and cost. We personally meet with our clients to understand their concerns and to identify the issues. After consulting with the client, we then determine what the best course of action is and proceed with administering the case while maintaining regular communications with the client as to how their case is progressing.

Our Fees

We also provide exceptional value to our clients by offering the highest level of professionalism and legal proficiency at affordable rates. Our fees are significantly lower than what you will find at larger firms for comparable work. Our ability to offer such value comes from the fact that we minimize our overhead by not maintaining costly office space and retaining unnecessary staff members. The result is that we are able to offer highly personal service to our clients without charging exorbitant fees.

Our Commitment to Legal Services for All

At Ortiz & Gosalia, PLLC, we believe in helping those in need and we do this by offering our services in certain cases to clients that are unable to afford an attorney. Our attorneys also provide pro bono services through cooperation with organizations such as the University of Washington’s Federal Income Tax Clinic, the Washington First Responder Will Clinic, and the Washington State Bar Association’s Moderate Means Program, among others. Between our clients and these organizations, our attorneys have provided thousands of hours of pro bono legal service throughout the Greater Seattle Area.

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